Men’s Waxing Hair Removal Increasing Popularity

As men caring about their appearance went from a daily matter in the 1940s and 1950 to less important until the 2000s, some habits are becoming more and more acceptable among mainstream men. While long hair remains out of fashion, men going to a hair salon is slowly but steadily becoming more acceptable in some circles, as is the piercing of the ears, hair dyes, skin care and other beauty procedures once considered the sole province of women in the mid twentieth century western world.

Some procedures remain unpalatable to most men, and with the Great Recession continuing on with no real end in sight, few men can easily afford to do every beauty procedure they’d like to, even if they can overcome the stigma of doing so. One particularly stigmatized procedure is the process of removing body hair.

While many men still consider lush body hair a mark of masculinity and thinner body hair to be a less than ideal situation, some men take the opposite approach and prefer to remove their body hair. While shaving is the older solution, some men find it a less than ideal means to remove their body. For those men, there’s male body waxing services, a process intended to remove body hair via a waxing procedure similar to that of women, with certain modifications made to account for the differences in the male body. But that raises the question of why is waxing become popular among men?

The simple answer is that while noticeably more painful, the process is a far more effective at removing human body hair, male or female, from the skin.

The procedure lasts longer and leaves men and women alike with smoother, and usually less bumpy skin. While the process of removing hair in this manner remains somewhat painful, most users of the process contend that it’s no less painful than a mistake made while shaving. This new personal care among men has given the rise to a new trend being called manscaping. Further, the threat of infection is somewhat lessened, though medical professions do not recommend waxing to men or women with diabetes, varicose veins or poor circulation, as this will open the doors to potential infection from the process, never a good thing for the health, let alone the skin suffering from an infection.

Most importantly, however, the process of male waxing, be it of the legs, arms or genitals, is steadily becoming less stigmatized. Further some women and men find that they prefer their partners to have less body hair, and waxing is usually the best way to do that for the long term.