How to Apply Nail Polish at Home for a Professional Finish

Perfectly manicured, neatly polished nails look stunning, but getting that crisp and clean look is tricky and requires a lot of practice and patience. If you’ve always wondered how to get that great look, read on for some tips for a neat finish and smooth, shiny nails. Getting the best at home gel polish without the need to go to a nail salon is something many women try to achieve. Here are the secrets you need to do to get professional looking nails at the comfort of your home.

Preparing your hands:

To get the perfect look, you need clean, polish free and well manicured hands. This means you will need:
– Acetone-free nail polish remover to clean your nails
– Cotton swabs to apply the remover
– A nail file, clippers and cuticle kit
– A  gentle nail buffer
– A bowl of warm water
Clean your nails using the nail polish remover, trim, file and buff them, then soak your fingers in warm water to soften the cuticles. Push the cuticles back, and remove any dry or damaged skin so your hands look clean and fresh.

Once your hands are ready, there are just a couple more preparative steps:

– Moisturize your hands with a gentle, non-scented moisturizer
– Use rubbing alcohol to remove oil and grease from your hands and nails so that the polish adheres properly.

Now you can paint your nails. You will need
– More cotton buds
– Petroleum jelly
– Nail polish
– Base coat
– Top coat

Dab a cotton bud into the petroleum jelly, then carefully apply it to the skin around each nail. This will ensure that if you accidentally paint outside of the nail area, the excess polish will simply wipe off.

Apply a thin, even layer of base coat. This will extend the life of the nail polish.

Next, apply the nail polish that you want to use. The first coat should be applied as a thin coat using  a sparing amount of polish. Dip the brush into the bottle then slide the brush up the inside of the opening, from the base to the tip, to clear off the excess paint. This will ensure that you get an even coat.

Allow that coat to dry, then apply a second coat. If necessary, repeat the process to apply a third.

Once those coats have dried, apply a thin top coat. Be patient and make sure that the polish is totally dry before applying the top coat.

Once the top coat is completely dry, use a cotton bud to wipe away the petroleum jelly, to reveal clean skin around the nails, and a nice professional looking manicure. You might think your nails look fine without a top coat, and they probably do, but the top coat will make sure that the manicure stays un-chipped, and sleek looking, for as long as possible.