Facial Treatments


What is a facial?
A facial is normally a procedure involving various kinds of skin treatments .Such treatments include facial masks, peel exfoliation, steam, creams, lotions, and massage. A facial is usually performed day spas, beauty salons or your local El Cajon spa. Facials are used to maintain a healthy skin or to deal with a specific skin problem. A facial is an ideal way of promoting a beautiful and well-hydrated complexion while relaxing the mind. Facials are normally done by estheticians or in some places cosmetologist can also do them too..

What are the categories of facials?
Facials are designed to cater for different types of skins and different skin problems. The skin may be oily or may be dry, normal or sensitive among other variations. There is a facial for every need. The facials may include:
Acne facial
Back facial
Anti-ageing facial
Custom facial
Exfoliating facial
Galvanic facial
Fruit acid facial

What are the basic procedures when having a facial?
Before embarking on this process, it is essential to know if you have any reaction to any certain types of chemicals or skin care products. The esthetician should be able to know what products they should avoid when doing the facial on you.


The procedures normally consist of
1. Analysis of the skin
The technician cleans and analyzes the skin in order to give the best recommendations for the certain types of products they should use.
2. Exfoliation
Exfoliation involves removing of dead cells on the skin. This is important as it speeds cell turnover restoring a healthy skin glow. It may also reduce fine lines or wrinkles and improve blood circulation in the skin.
3. Extraction
This is cleaning of clogged pores through mechanical means using specialized tools. The number of extractions required may differ according to the type of skin; more extractions are normally done on people undergoing this process for the first time. When the client has a clogged pore, a dark spot is mostly visible on the surface of the skin. After this process, an antibacterial product should be applied. This brings the skin back to its normal PH.
4. Massage
Facial massages help to improve blood circulation within the skin. It reduces puffiness of the skin increasing its radiance. It reduces tension in facial muscles too while relaxing the mind also.
5. Mask
The process involves removal of dirt beneath the top layers of the outer skin. Masks are ideal for deep cleansing. They may also help in unclogging pores leading to a radiant and healthy skin.
6. Moisturizers
This process involves using moisturizing creams and sometimes some anti-bacterial products. The moisturizers can help with both dry and oily skins. This process mainly aims at hydrating the skin and maintaining a glowing look.

Facials are the best and most effective face treatments for people who have never had any skin treatments done before. It is recommended to get a basic or European facial first before getting more advanced skin treatments like an advanced facial, microdermabrasion or chemical peel. They are healthy and ideal for all types of skins or ages. If you are looking for more information about facials please visit http://waxingbyceleste.com/skincare-treatments-san-diego-ca/facials/ to find out more about the benefits of this treatment.